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Dry Fasting and Sauna | What people are saying | Reddit and more

by Yannick Wolfe | Oct 16, 2022 | 0 comments

This is not to be viewed as medical advice. Data gathered from around the web of different people’s experiences of dry fasting and sauna use.

See the original article here: Is it ever safe to use a sauna during a dry fast?

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Positive experiences with sauna use while dry fasting

I’ve comfortably done sauna on the second day of the dry fast but with plans of ending the fast that night or the next day (don’t remember which). I wouldn’t do it if I wanted to go a week and I wouldn’t do it more than two days in. it also wasn’t my first dry fast, id been doing weekly 36-hour DF while working a physical job for a while at that point so my body was used to it. monster-baiter

I dry fast everyday for 24. I also use the sauna but only 15 minutes max after my workout. It definitely seems to make a differerence for me but I get so thirsty after!!! wildforever1

I like to sauna while fasting too. Probably even the saunas in America vary in temp but the one I go to tops out at 140 degrees F. I can usually sit in there for quite a while. Honestly, I probably leave more because I’m bored than because I’ve hit my sauna limit. Don’t think I’ve made a whole hour yet, but probably 45 minutes. Canaliculi

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I use the dry sauna a few times each week for about twenty min each time. I always shower after, I’ve never done a hard dry fast only soft dry fasts.
I love sweating and even though the last few minutes are tough to get through, it is easier than working out while fasting. – myluckyshirt

I use the dry sauna a few times each week for about twenty min each time. I always shower after, I’ve never done a hard dry fast only soft dry fasts.
I love sweating and even though the last few minutes are tough to get through, it is easier than working out while fasting. – myluckyshirt

I have used the infrared sauna during days 2 and 3 of a soft dry fast, but I have never done a 7-day. I felt amazing when I did it. – arainydaze2

I started doing this last night and have done two so far. I’m more of an intermittent dry faster because I take medicine with a sip of water. I went into the sauna for about 10 minutes. It wasn’t long but because it was my first time, I wanted to take it easy. It felt great because my skin felt soft and I lost 2 kilos doing this. – JuliusCaesar108

Negative experiences with sauna use while dry fasting

It’s definitely playing with fire. The only two times I have been close to passing out in my life were from going into the sauna during dry fasting 40+ hours in. Granted, I stay in the sauna for sometimes 40 minutes at a time at 185° F. I got out, and that’s when I got lightheaded and started to lose my vision for a second. Sitting down for 5 minutes in the locker room and I started to feel better. The farthest into a dry fast I went while going into the sauna was about 50 hours. SophSimpl

It can be a quicker way to dehydrate the body at the beginning of the fast (if you’re hydrated). But I wouldn’t and haven’t done it after the first day, personally. It can be a way to turn a dry fast deadly. And let’s put it this way: you are constantly dehydrating your body with a dry fast, which is natural stress. Why would you want to add even more extreme stress? “Death fasting” as some people call it is more of a quick-lose weight ideal, but that weight comes back, just like a sauna gets rid of water in your body. But dry fasting is a very healing experience, and I think it’s important to honor your body’s natural way of moving through it, especially if you want to make it to a week successfully. DragonOfTheLost

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dry fasting is already dehydrating, your body can only produce metabolic water so quickly to keep your organs from failing, forcing yourself into greater dehydration by going to a sauna is not a great idea, it needs to be at a slow pace so your body can keep up, you could have killed yourself. devilwearspuma

Don’t do saunas and a DF – it’s the worst thing you could do to your body you must be going through hell. Also, the moment you drink water it’s going to soak up and retain every single ounce. I’d be surprised if you are not back to the same weight in a week or two like many who have done DF+Sauna on this sub. Your body is going to be a water-retaining machine after your fast limdesign

Neutral experiences with sauna use while dry fasting

People will say it is not advisable but I did and lost a significant amount of weight. I also combined mine with exercise because I was doing the death fast protocol. I will say limit your time in the sauna. I was only able to do it for the first 4 days of the fast though. I was able to sit in for 30-45 minutes depending on how I felt. The 5th day was unbearable and I was only able to sit in for 10 minutes before I was like yeah no. I spent more time sitting outside the room and trying to talk myself into walking into the sauna and that’s where I gave up and just continued my fast. Hope that helps. skilllearngee

I have a sauna at home and have done an hour after after 18 hrs dry fasted. Not much, I know, but I sweated the same and felt like I always did. Prior_Nail_2326

I learned to approach the sauna with caution after my first 4-day hard dryfast. I would just wipe myself down and not shower (gross I know, lol). For me, what I learned, is my metabolic water creation closely matched my “rest rate” meaning I was super stressed after getting out of the sauna and it took me 6-8 hours to feel ok again. Taking half a liter of water out of my system added a lot of stress to the dry fasting process. On my second dry fast, I didn’t sauna at all and I could tell my body was trying to repair old injuries. So I don’t know if the sauna detracts from the healing process initially, but maybe. RealisticLocksmith0

Dry fast is a time for stillness, silence, and self-reflection not for exercise and saunas. you might do some harm to yourself if you haven’t even grasped the full concept of what “fast” means. you should start from there. not trying to be snarky or condescending, just a friendly suggestion for your own sake. drkole

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(Video) Dry Fasting and Sauna | What people are saying | Reddit and more


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