Do Not Feed the Monkeys Game Stops at Crystal Kitchen Message (2023)

Curiosity is usually a quality that serves as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can lead us to encounter many problems. On the other, it can be our ticket to find great adventures. A clear example of this is the experience we live with the guide of Do not feed the monkeys with which you will not have to worry about anything other than having fun with this amazing game .

What is Don Not Feed the Monkeys?

If you are a lover of espionage or curious to know what the people around us do, we present you Do not feed the monkeys.

A curious adventure and espionage game consisting of various views from security cameras around the world. As if they were cages in a zoo or natural park, where individuals are found and are observed through cameras and webcams by an organization called "club of primates".

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a game that hooks you from the first moment. Since it has a wide variety of experiences and behaviors thanks to the diversity of Monkeys. Therefore, infinite endings will be obtained as well as multiple objects each time you meet each requirement of the game

Don Not Feed the Monkeys Finals

As we have been commenting on in this guide of Do not feed the monkeys, is a game that has many endings and, for the most part, they are unexpected.

This is in the sense that when you find some objects, you think that you managed to achieve something important when in fact, you only signed a forceful game over. To take care of these details, below we present all the endings that you can find, so far, in Do not feed the monkeys.

Victorious Finals

So far, only 3 game endings known as monkey ranks are known. Next, we present each rank and how to reach each one of them and thus end the game.

  • Mediocre Monkey : Ignore all observational study requests, while still moving up the ranks of the Monkey .
  • Obedient Monkey – Fulfill all observational study requests, while continuing to move up the ranks of Monkey .
  • Enlightened Monkey – Fulfill all observational study requests, while continuing to climb the ranks of monkeys.

Fatal Finals

As we discussed at the beginning of this segment, here we will present the actions that lead to the end of the automatic game. That is, all the ways to lose that you have to avoid at all costs.

  1. Do not move up the ranks of Monkey .
  2. Uninstall the program.
  3. Let your health or hunger reach 0/100.
  4. Don't pay the rent. The advantage is that they give you 4 days to pay it, on the fifth, you will be evicted and you will lose the game
  5. Sell cocaine (keeping it is fine).
  6. Send the plant killer to the greenhouse, confess on the phone call.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys Game Stops at Crystal Kitchen Message (1)

Mission considerations

Before entering the universe of Do not feed the monkeys missions, it is important that you know some conditions to be able to do them. Below, we present these considerations to make the game cages without any problems.

  • The days always start at 9:00.
  • The cage timelines start when activated at dawn, not from the start of the game.
  • You will never die from lack of sleep.
  • About 10/100 of sleep, you will fall asleep for 4 hours.
  • You can last approximately 48 hours without sleep.
  • 1 hour of sleep gives 6 points.
  • Day 2 at 16:00 is when the Witnesses leave a plant . Then they come to check it once, then they will come back to pick it up.
  • The plant is positively or negatively affected by its actions, and there is an achievement to obtaining a very positive and very negative plant .
  • Most positive / negative actions are quite intuitive. In other words, exercise your common sense about good and evil.

Recommendations for Do not feed the monkeys cages

Now that you know all the conditions you must meet to survive the game. It is time to give you some recommendations that will be very useful for you to make all the cages, or missions, that you compose Do not feed the monkeys .

First of all, it is important to know that to advance in the game, you need to look at the camera that is placed in each of the cages and thus start with the one that is most comfortable for you.

On the other hand, it is really necessary to be attentive to several cages. Since this way you will not lose details of the various keywords of the environment. Here we recommend you write down these keywords since you are going to need them to understand our monkey profile.

As in real life, every day new characters and events appear that nourish us and if we are attentive to what each actor can offer us. So, generally, it is necessary to apply many tricks with the calendar. In order to be able to buy the cages that are within our reach and go up without having to return to the beginning.

Another recommendation that will be very useful to you, believe us, is that you can blackmail, threaten and harass certain characters to facilitate some of the missions. But, if you do not manage to complete or fail in that cage, you can perfectly recharge it the next day, exchange it again for its same value. For now, they are the most general tips and tricks you have to know to do the missions that we will present below.

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Basic cages

When we talk about the basic cages in Do not feed the monkeys, we refer to missions that have a relatively low level of difficulty to complete. But, it doesn't mean that they are easier than throwing a stone on the ground. You will always have to be aware of the needs, keywords and facts that surround each of them.

Elevator (Jason Miles)

The janitor Jason Miles notifies him, by a call to his wife, that they know him for the information on "Romance Novel" . And you must arrive in time to save him and not die, in addition to receiving the monetary payment.

He informs him that he has an extra job since he joined a secret club, Mr. Cannonball will thank you by sending a stuffed animal and you get the Colobus corsarii achievement.

But after several days, the janitor dies.

Your mission is to gather the information from the novel to return it to his wife. So catching him ( Jason Miles ) is paramount when he starts reading the novel and arranging the words. Which he achieves by following the following routine:

  • 23:00 Wake up: Start reading.
  • 3:00 Finish reading.
  • 4:00 Start typing.
  • 5:00 Finish writing.
  • 6:40 Go back to sleep.

It is necessary to re-observe this process more than once, since it is necessary to obtain several keyword values ??for several days to achieve the objective of the cage.

Penthouse with photographer of dubious honor

In the camera that belongs to this cage there is a telescopic camera that belongs to a monkey that takes pictures of Leslie. When she appears, several times a day. And with each click of the camera in the environment you get keywords and thus obtain the group of " Attic ".

Depending on the subject of the photos, more groups will be formed. The monkey will obtain benefits or will be punished as detailed below:

  • You will receive money if you record a video and send it to the TV whereupon Leslie is arrested.
  • If you film Leslie photographing and call their representative who is the manager of Applegate , the monkey is arrested and you get 3 signed photos and you will get the Petterus Supermegafan achievement.
  • Inform the representative without showing the evidence, you receive a photograph and the monkey is arrested.
  • You can blackmail the monkey for commission on photo sales and they will give you a daily payment
  • Blackmail the monkey with a video of her photographing the money, which will be received after several days.
  • Blackmailing the limonsine driver so that it takes longer when the monkey goes shopping or out for a ride and the recording will provide you with a collectible plus the achievement Aotus chauffeurii.
  • You can obtain photographs of Leslie nude, by blackmailing.
  • Call the monkey and scare her away.


For this peculiar cage, you will have to record the three-horned deer at night, so you will need the night camera. Once you have the video, you will have to contact the hunters. But, if you record a video of the massacre the next day, you will receive money and an item from the hunters.

  • 20:00 The cage is too dark to see without night vision .
  • 22:00 A new keyword will appear.
  • Use night vision to collect " trihorn deer "
  • 00:00 It comes out.
  • 6:00 The cage , is light enough to see without night vision.

You may receive a routine observation study for the location of this cage. So they will ask you a question, for which the correct answer is Barret County . Once you submit this answer, you will get $ 70.

From the environment, you can immediately pick up the precise location of this cage , as well as " rabbit ", " squirrel " and possibly sometimes " fox "( the groom says he saw her but didn't click on her).

Searching for the location will give you the keyword " Barret County ", which will then give you " hunters ", " Hunters "and" trihorn deer ". After this, he offers to follow you to a local hunting club, to whom you can send a night vision video of the deer . You can watch this on video and send it to Shock.TV . They'll also send you a deer head , albeit with a broken horn .

Egyptian Bust (Amenophis V)

It is necessary to respond to the email of the club, where you will obtain the request for observation of the exhibition. Which you will have to go to the Central Museum, if you do not know its location, you can easily find it on the internet.

You must go immediately and wait for the visitors to separate to get the third keyword Amenhopis V. since if you wait to go the next day the bust undergoes a change, its pupils are off-center and you will not get the money reward and achievement.

Field with antenna (Old Hay)

Remembering that the basic cages of Do not feed the monkeys are among the easiest you will find in the game. We bring you this mission that only consists of calling Stefan Sentinel to tell him that the circle is in Browning Hills. After a few days of giving him this information, you will receive the money for it.

Writers' Room (Gus Jenkins)

In this cage you must hire the writer Gustavo Jenkins for $ 130 in order to write a book with which you will get a payment, the amount of which will depend on the title.

That is, if the title is related to Fiona Bates it will be a success and she demands it and obtains the copyright and therefore Gustavo will offer you an extra job as a septic tank cleaner.

(Video) Phân tích cốt truyện: DO NOT FEED THE MONKEY

But if the title is Happiness and Sadness you will have the best benefits. And if you try fluids / fluids you will get the achievement: Lepilemur poopoo. The sequence to follow will be:

  • 15:00 hour of rest.
  • 17:15 Rewrite.
  • 19:00 the monkey Rubio receives a phone call.
  • 20:00 Fiona Bates arrives, she is the correct answer for the voluntary observation study , which asks who is the monkey < em> alpha female .
  • 22:00 Fiona Bates
  • 22:45 Rewrite.
  • 0:00 Your turn ends.
  • 01:30 monkey come out of the cage .

Gas station (Crazy truck)

In this cage of Do not feed the monkeys the following endings are obtained:

  1. Tell the militia woman that she kills the crazy trucker and her group tattoos your chat icon. (MikeS points out that you can get the newspaper report of this ending by uploading a video to shocktv, although no one is tattooed)
  2. Tell the truckers to turn themselves in. The police transport crashes and they escape naked to a golf course.
  3. Tell the truckers to pay you money. Receive $ 20 / day for the rest of the game.

The environment will give you keywords for gas and Heaven Hills . While scanned plates are a replaceable keyword. However, the only plaque that is really worth scanning is that of a giant truck with crushed random victims in the front. Which only happens at night, so you have to be very attentive.

Once it happens, you can record it and then choose the keyword "crash" and pick up the license plate number . Next, you will need to search for the license plate number of this vehicle and this will lead to the opening of a pending investigation into lewd conduct, nudity, collisions , etc. for a certain Colin Trewin .

You can search his name to find his phone number on the internet. At the same time, try searching for " crash " and " Heaven Hills ". This will allow you to view articles about the Mad Trucker and a local militia that wants to shoot him, led by Kimberly Pegg . Look up his name for more information on the militia , as well as get his messenger contact .

This mission is quite peculiar and, unlike all the ones we've discussed so far, it has different endings that we'll discuss below.

Do Not Feed the Monkeys Game Stops at Crystal Kitchen Message (2)


  1. Call Colin Trewin and tell him that you know he is the mad trucker , and that they must turn themselves in. Eventually they agree. This counts as a good action for the plant . However, an article the next day explains that, although they were initially delivered, the police van crashed and the couple fled naked .
  2. Call Colin Trewin and tell him you know he is the crazy trucker , and then agree to remain silent in exchange for a portion of his video earnings. < / li>
  3. Record the crazy trucker and send it to shock.TV. The couple is found dead the next day.
  4. Record the crazy trucker and send it to kimberly pegg . The couple is found dead the next day. She rewards you, tattooing your chat avatar, on everyone's back, in her group.

Room with young man chatting (Rick Stevens)

If you contact Rick Stevens and decide to help him. The first thing it will do is ask you $ 25.

The next day he will ask you for another $ 25 and for the third day it will be $ 15. After that he will give you an extra job with a salary that will vary according to what you gave him.

If you answer the email from the Club about this Cage, the next day, in the newspaper, it will say that he is dead and you will see his room destroyed.

Talking to him about the food you see him ordering continuously will provoke his mistrust and leave the room forever.

If you order takeout food they will give you the achievement: Galago cholesterolus.

Room with blackboard (Sport Shots)

In this cage, you will have to know that it is a bit confusing. Since some bets on events are handled here. Where they range from $ 90 to $ 200 and will be active until their suspension.

However, if you send an email with the time the alarm goes off from the site, you will earn all the accumulated money, it sounds good, but this automatically closes the cage forever.

Room with telephone operator (Alice Cassady)

You should call Alice Cassady at work and give her two bottles of "El Dinamitero" (1 per day) so she can inform you of an event without the need for a policy number. The next day she will die while driving drunk. And you will get hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately Shock.TV is not interested in videos of it.

Accounting Room (Jonatan Dull)

Call and inform Jonatan Dull that you have the honor of speaking with Shewolf of Wall Street . With which you can get three different endings for this cage.


  1. If you give advice, follow your dreams. He will leave his cage forever, and asks you to be his new agent . With what will begin to give you money in a few days.
  2. If you give advice that he give up on his dreams. You no longer receive calls from your agent or dances and calls from your clients indicate that you are terribly depressed. You will receive your beloved wig in the mail, which will give you your achievement!
  3. If you blackmail her, he will not respond well and you will no longer be able to interact with him. Also, the cage will be closed without any benefit.

To finalize this cage, you will have to follow these steps.

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First day

  • 13:00 to 14:45. This monkey will speak on phone with a client . You can choose enough keywords to deduce the work from this monkey . This monkey is a financial advisor .
  • 15:00, the monkey will emerge from its cage .
  • 17:00, the monkey returns to his cage and talks to another client .
  • 17:45, keyword of " low cost "
  • 18:00 the call ends.
  • Searching for " financial advisor " for more " low cost " will bring up the MeetaU profile the monkey , revealing his name " Jonathan Dull ".
  • Search for this to get your phone number .
  • Now you can call the monkey : it will only answer, while you are in your office and not in a call.
  • You may receive new keywords, if you haven't picked them up before … but probably yes, since you had enough to discover your phone.
  • 20:00 to 22:00 a phone call, but not from a customer .
  • You may get some keywords in the stage name circle.
  • 00:00 The monkey will dance for us.
  • The important keyword is Shewolf of Wall Street , which will say at the beginning and end of the dance.
  • You can record their dance, however Shock.TV will not accept the video .
  • 2:00 The monkey leaves its cage .

Second day

  • 10:00 Go back to your cage .
  • 13:00 Phone call.
  • 13:50 Keyword of " low cost ".
  • 14:20 End the phone call.
  • 15:00 Leave the cage .
  • 17:00 Returns, second phone call from customer .
  • 17:45 Keyword of " low cost ".
  • 18:00 The call ends.
  • 20:00 Call with agent .
  • 21:30 The call ends.
  • 00:00 Dances; Keyword "Shewolf of Wall Street" .
  • 01:20 Keyword "Shewolf of Wall Street".
  • 01:30 Leave the cage .

This is then repeated every day without your interference.

Double cages

Continuing with this guide on Do not feed the monkeys , we come to double cages that are nothing more than missions with a higher degree of difficulty. It should be noted that in them you will not only face challenges where the demand for attention to small details will be greater, you will also find cages where time will not be your ally.

Space and ship (Melissa Rush) TIME CLOCK

The captain will save the 3 recorded videos. Also, you will have to send them to ShockTV. With which money is obtained for each of them.

If after sending the last video you call Melissa at 6:00 pm you can talk to her son. When her mother is rescued, she will call you and the captain will send you a umbrella collectable starry as thanks.

You will also earn the Papio stellaris achievement.

Greenhouse (Arthur Straw)

Outfielder Arthur Straw gets a new clone every day. Also, you will need the second cage to see why and get the name of the plant. However, Shock.TV thinks it is false. But, that will give you his name and number.

When you call this number, you'll need to search for the letter in order to give the correct answers, which briefly breaks the mind control . But, if you refuse to confess, the plant is killed , the guy is happy and gives him money.

  1. Everyone who comes to your door will be accompanied by clones .
  2. The next day is a game finished by betraying humanity to be a slave of plants .

Foreign language room

Here you will see how Peole Zmeriss answer a phone call while looking at Autumn Place at least once a day, which is where you will collect your keywords.

He gives you the keys that you can select Cows, Love, Hate and Sex . Depending on the one you select, you will reach different ends


  1. Call and select Cows 3 times: She buys a cow , who now lives in her kitchen .
  2. Call and select Love 3 times: She reconciles with her brother (I think?), who now lives with her instead of her partner (?). You get an achievement and a special job working for your brother (?).
  3. Call and select Hate 3 times: a news article appears the next day: she killed her brother and immediately turned herself in.
  4. Call and select Sex 3 times: It will appear on your doorstep within an hour, complete with leather outfits and accessories . You can tell him to leave or pay him $ 50. She leaves her whip as a collectible .

Recording studio

Use the lyrics of the song to find his name, then find his birthplace, call the tourism agency and they will give you his address and phone number for money .

You can send him nolopain without talking to him, he will complete his registration and he will die, but you don't get the collectible .

By doing nothing, you will simply die.

Talking to him and sending him nolopain will probably give you a collectible gold record .

Do Not Feed the Monkeys Game Stops at Crystal Kitchen Message (3)

Cages with no apparent interaction and special

The last point about cages in this guide about Do not feed the monkeys , we find some cages whose execution is different. Here, you will see some where you only have to let it flow or have a participation in a specific point.

However, don't panic. These are fairly easy cages to make and will usually only present you with one ending. As we will discuss below in our guide on Do not feed the monkeys .

Wheat bonnet

A quite peculiar camera with which you will find yourself in this guide of Do not feed the monkeys is that of the wheat field where you will have to acquire some buildings and be aware of what it happens.

(Video) Karl Pilkingtons funniest theories! | Volume 2

  • You can receive a routine observational study by asking for the country town . A correct answer pays $ 75 in an hour.
  • This cage moves back and forth over a field of wheat .
    • On the left edge, you can collect " windmill ", and on the right, " antenna ".
    • Several times a day, an " old locomotive " will pass the tracks.
    • Searching for " old locomotive " with " windmill " or " antenna " will give you " The train of the old hay ".
  • If you search for " The Old Hay Train ", your full route will appear and give you the keywords " Anderson City ", "< em> Sharp Mountains "," Browning Fields "and" Wet Willow Woods ".

Searching for each of these keywords brings up more information about each of the areas in those cities. In this sense, it is mentioned that " Browning Fields " has an antenna. Coincidentally, the search shows a map with wheat fields nearby.

On the third day of observation, a crop circle will appear. And yes, it is curious and we recommend that you open the website of the monkey that is interested in this topic. We recommend that you call him and provide him with the information you have. In less than 24 hours it will give you a great reward.

Doll cage

You will receive a news article, about the brutal murder of a family, with a photo of a doll that will later be entrusted to you. As long as you have her, she gets closer with time, and finally disappears.

But it never happens while you're watching, just wait for you to go to sleep or during 9:00 in the morning every day. Apparently it has a life of its own and an insatiable thirst for blood. But, you can spend several days and possibly do nothing to you. You can also sell it if it scares you, but it will return to you in a few days.

We can only tell you to sleep in fear, possibly your next victim.


It is perhaps the easiest cage you will find in Do not feed the monkeys. Basically you will find a figure that you do not know, that has no shape but that catches your attention.

Do not worry, as the days go by, its shape will reveal itself so you have to be very attentive to that moment since it does not have a fixed day or time.

Mannequin display

Another cage pretty easy to make, just keep an eye on the store and see the outfits or styles they display on the mannequins.

Here you will see styles from the 20s, 60s, 80s and a futuristic idea. When the store closes, so will this cage.

Luminous sign

On the second day of espionage in Do not feed the monkeys , you will see that a small fire starts in the distance, it extends a bit until the third day but then you realize that it's only about tires on fire .

Although we have not brought you all the cages of which the game is composed, these are the most important so far. In addition, we will not take away the surprise when you come across more demanding missions or some that can hook you with the game and achieve new achievements.

Achievements of Do not feed the monkeys

Another valuable aspect in this guide of Do not feed the monkeys is achievements. Although in the course of this guide we have unveiled some, now we will present you all that you can achieve at the end of this interesting game.

  • Wig Shewolf of Wall Street : Tell him to give up on his dreams.
  • Crashed Umbrella : Save Captain Nova 7 and tell his son that you are going to save her
  • Dictator's hat : Encourage Henkel to return to his country.
  • Photographs signed to inform Applegate manager about Dooley , or, nude photographs to blackmail Dooley .
  • Expensive egg: philanthropic blackmail.
  • Killer Doll : have a doll cage .
  • Whip : Call Peole and select the sex wordgroup 3 times, pay $ 50 when it appears.
  • Bible : Have a really good plant when the witnesses come to pick it up.

Do not feed the monkeys collectibles

Like the achievements, the collectibles in this guide from Do not feed the monkeys , like that killer doll, are a striking part of this game. Now we will present you all that you must get.

  • Yellow flowers.
  • Chloroform , but it's broken a bit, so just get some sleep .
  • Cocaine ( we remind you that selling it ends your game ).
  • Orthopedic leg.
  • Living heart.
  • Urn with ashes.
  • Christmas lights.
  • Cherry Pie.

It is important to remember that in this guide about Do not feed the monkeys we only detail the most important aspects of the game. The rest will be part of your adventure as an omnipresent God in a world that will not know you.

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