Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights - Which One is better Choice? (2023)

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High-quality hunting lights can make a huge difference in how successful your hunt is. I will make a comparison between Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights, two of the most popular hunting lights that I could find.

Even though both of them are great I want to help you choose the best one for your need.

Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights - Which One is better Choice? (1)Not every hunting light works the same for all conditions, so it’s crucial that you get the right one. With all the choice that we have, it can be hard to make the best choice.

Most of the hunters will agree that the choices come down to choosing Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights models. You can use them for hunting coyotes, raccoons and other nocturnal game efficiently.

So what’s the difference between these models and which one to choose? I’ll try to cover all the main aspects of these lights so you can make a decision on your own, but you won’t make a mistake either way.


  • 1 What are we Going to Cover in This Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights Comparison?
  • 2 Predator Tactic Red Coyote Reaper Review
    • 2.1 Why Choose Coyote Reaper?
  • 3 Wicked Lights W403IC Review
    • 3.1 What’s so Great About Wicked Lights
  • 4 On the way out

What are we Going to Cover in This Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights Comparison?

I would like to cover as many topics as possible in this Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights comparison, but it would be too extensive. Instead, I will try to focus on some of the most important segments out there and give you only the most useful information.

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Beam color: Standard white lights can easily spook your targets and there are usually two colors to choose from. I prefer red beams and most of the hunters I know think the same.

Type of light: The type of light will most likely depend on your hunting style and the conditions. There are three basic options for hunting lights, handheld, headlamp or gun-mounted light.

Mounting: To be able to get ready to hunt quickly, you want a light that’s easy to dismount or mount.

Build quality: You will probably drop your light from time to time or bump it against a tree or a branch. That’s why you need a strong and sturdy hunting light that will survive your hunting trips.

Battery life: Switching batteries all the time is extremely annoying. Make sure that your hunting light comes with rechargeable batteries and that they come with a long enough life.

Price: You don’t want to splash too much money on it, but you also don’t want to cheap out and get a bad light. Both of these products I reviewed are special because they offer great value for the money.

Predator Tactic Red Coyote Reaper Review

Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights - Which One is better Choice? (2)Coyote Reaper is another amazing hunting light from Predator Tactics, one of the best hunting equipment manufacturer. They usually come in two colors, but I will review only the red Coyote Reaper model today.

The Coyote Reaper kit comes in a neat carrying case that can be quite useful during the trips. Besides the light, the hunting case includes a rail mount, switch tail cap, battery charger, rechargeable batteries, a battery extension tube, and a pressure switch.

The light is coated with a matte black finish and it comes with a halo shield for extra protection. The light is silent, waterproof and it also has an adjustable focus.

The red LED bulb on the reaper allows you to identify the prey on up to 500 yards.

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You can control the intensity of the light with a memory pressure switch too, depending on the time of the day you hunt.

Why Choose Coyote Reaper?

While I was doing Coyote Reaper review, I noticed right away how well built and strong it was. It worked perfectly even though I dropped it a lot.

If you don’t want to spook your prey, you can adjust the light intensity bit by bit thanks to the intensity control switch.

The mounts are simple and quick to use so you won’t bother too much with mounting it. I love the battery extension tube since you can rely on the second battery if the original one runs out. You can switch and recharge it later.
Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights - Which One is better Choice? (3)

The price is quite affordable too for such a well-made product. You will get a 5-year guarantee on the LED light itself and a lifetime warranty on the shell.

There are also some downsides to it. I didn’t like the range too much, even though it specifies 500 yards, the max distance for me was 300 yards.

Also when you compare Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights W403IC, the reaper’s light a bit weaker and less bright.

Wicked Lights W403IC Review

Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights - Which One is better Choice? (4)The debate between Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights W403IC exists for a reason. Both of these are among the best hunting lights out there at the moment.

In this Wicked Lights review, I’m going to focus on their flagship night hunting kit.

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If you opt out for this option, you will get the Wicked Lights W403IC model in a nice and sturdy hard case for easier transport.

The kit includes a LED intensity control light, adjustable scope mount, rechargeable batteries, and a battery charger.

What’s so Great About Wicked Lights

You can spot the eyes of the prey from up to 500 yards with these lights and the beam visibility distance is up to 300 yards. The beam is sourced by a red LED light bulb and it comes with a full intensity controlled tail cap.

You can change the lightbulb for another color if you want to, but I recommend sticking with red. Another great thing is that you can change the zoom focus of the light.
Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights - Which One is better Choice? (5)

The light case is made from aircraft grade aluminum and it will protect the light from bumps. This Wicked Lights model is also water resistant.

What I love about W403IC model is that you can clearly see the prey from more than 300 yards specified.

I was able to see a coyote from up to 450 yards. The zoom focus and intensity control work great and are easy to use. It is also quite simple to attach and detach the mount, so you don’t lose a lot of time and nerves on it.

If I had to write a negative for W403IC review, I’d say it can cost a lot. However, it is worth spending extra money considering how well it’s made. I would also like if the warranty was longer.

Coyote Reaper

Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights - Which One is better Choice? (6)

  • Sturdy and quality-made
  • 5-year LED guarantee
  • Light intensity control
  • Long battery life plus extension tube
  • Lightweight and very affordable
  • Effective range 300 yards
  • The beam is not that strong

Check today’s price

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Wicked Lights

Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights - Which One is better Choice? (7)

  • Beam visibility more than expected
  • Strong and durable shell
  • Adjustable mount
  • Includes intensity control and zoom focus
  • Solid battery life
  • A bit pricey
  • The warranty could be a bit longer

Check today’s price

On the way out

When hunting for a nocturnal game, having great lights or just good lights can play a huge difference. It was hard to decide between Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights W403IC since both of them are really great, but I had to give the advantage to the latter.

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Even though it costs a bit more, Wicked Lights model has a much better range. The controls on the light also feel a lot smoother to me and they work better in my opinion.

You can check out the links I left in the reviews so you can compare current prices for Coyote Reaper vs Wicked Lights. Now that you know what to expect from each of them I’m sure that you will make the right choice.


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